Code and Ordinances

City Ord. #
Date Passed
3309-07-1973Theft, Discharging Fire alarm, Abusive Language, Parade Permit, Public Assembly
3412-22-1973Dumping of Dead Animals on Public Road
88-10102-24-1988Prohibiting Vicious Animals, Insects, or Reptiles within the City Limits
91-10102-13-1991Junked Vehicles
91-10202-13-1991Noise Pollution
97-11208-11-1997Regulating Truck-Type Motor vehicle Upon the Public Streets, Alleys, and Right-of-Way within the City limits
97-11810-13-1997Regulation Children on Public Street After Hours
98-12001-12-1998Prohibiting the Possession of Fireworks in City
98-12304-20-1998Prohibiting Loitering in Public or Private Places
99-02105-10-1999Removal and Disposal of Bulky Waste and Brush
2001-2211-12-2021Defining Condemned Property, Dangerous Building
2003-0911-18-2003Property with Unwholesome Conditions
2004-1712-21-2004Regulation of Coin Operated Machine, Authority to
2007-0710-2007Regulating Animals Running at Large, Unvaccinated, Nuisance
2008-0306-17-2008Readopt Ordinance #97-118
2009-0204-21-2009Amending Ordinance #97-112
2010-0504-20-2010Prohibiting Possession of Alcohol in City Park
2010-0909-21-2010Amending Ordinance #91-104 (Brush Regarding the 7 days before pickup)
2014-0307-15-2014Amending Ordinance #2001-001 (Zoning Ordinance/Adding New Subsection-Garage Sales)
2014-0906-16-2014Readopt Ord. #97-118/88-105/2008-03 (Children on Public Street After Hours)
2017-0307-25-2017Amending Ord. 91-104 Concerning the Collection, Removal; Setting Regulations Regarding Receptacles for Garbage, Trash, and Setting of Fees
2017-0912-19-2017Establishing a Business License
2017-1012-19-2017Amending Ord. 31 and 201-07 and deleting #31 Paragraph 2 Ord. 90-101 Section 1 (E) Livestock
2018-0211-20-2018Amending Ord. 2007-07 Article 6 Impoundment of Animals and Fees for impoundment
2018-0504-14-2018Regulating Children on Public Streets, Alleys, and Other Public Places
2019-0202-19-2019Amending Ord. 97-112 and Adding Section IV after Paragraph one Prohibit any class A & B Vehicles from Parking in a Public Street, Alley or Right of Way Within the City Limits